mistake, misbehave, misunderstand

i know i misbehaved often times.
i put on a long face and sudden silence.
i mistreated people around me.
somehow i led them to misunderstandings.
i just couldn’t keep my composure well..
i know it’s my bad 😦

but you know what?
sometimes i didn’t realize that i did misbehave.
sometimes i am uncertain about which part of my deed — or my words — that hurt you.
i am not saying that not knowing what i did or said wrong leaves me fine and okay. it’s killing me, you know.
it is not cool, hurting people by words or actions, but not knowing what exactly gives them such pain.

i always hold on to the fact that human learn from their experiences; we human keep learning that way, whether or not you feel it.
remember those genius inventors? Einstein, Edison, or Bell?
they met hundreds moments of failure, and they managed to learn from those failure, and then achieved their goals.
it is the same with our daily lives.
we learn from what happened yesterday, so we can make a better tomorrow.

so please, please show me where i did wrong.
show me what it is that hurt you.
was it something i said? was it something i did?
or was it something i didn’t say or do?

please tell me..
don’t leave me drifting in this confusion.
help me to do better. to say better. to behave better.
remind me of how things should be said or done.
would you help me, people?


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