reminiscing, on a little interesting finding :)

cleaning up our messy things sometimes leads us to interesting findings; like our writing few years ago. this one is mine. i wrote this in 2011, as fulfillment of a request from my team division (in a student organization) before we carried on our programs. she asked me and other members to write about ourselves, things we feel, we dream, anything we want to write in a book which cover is on our own design. so i wrote this:


Just in case you’re wondering why the cover of this book has Chelsea FC stickers; the reason is because i like Chelsea FC, a lot! ā¤
And i like Blue as well. i also love chocolate, coffee, cheese, pasta, and nasi goreng — or fried rice — and japanese food. haha i do eat a lot, i’m telling you~ šŸ˜‰

I also have music and English as my passion. Life is empty and horrible without music! And my top three kinds of music i like the most are Jazz, Punk Rock, and R&B. And English? hmm.. It’s been an inseparable part of me! haha. I grew up with it, living every single day with it, as well as now. Feels like i’m no longer ‘me’ without English šŸ˜€

Some activities that i like to do are traveling, listening to music, watching movies, rafting, and reading books. My favorites are the one that Agatha Christie wrote. Actually i want to mention some of my favorite movies, but ‘some’ here resembles ‘a lot’.. X) so i tell you my favorite TV series instead: Bones, Criminal Minds, Glee, and NCIS.

Hmmm suddenly i remember the hardest question for me to answer: “asalnya darimana?” :’)
why so? it’s quite a long story to tell.. but i’ll try to make it short.

Well, as i mentioned before, i was born in Magelang. I stayed there for at about 2 years, then i moved out to Bandung for a year. When i was three years-old, i moved out to Lahat, Sumatera Selatan. Then the following year i moved out (again!) to Baturaja, still in the same province; Sumatera Selatan.
At age 4 and a half, i went to TK Aisiyah 1 Baturaja. Then at age 5,5 i went to SDN 02 Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU). Waah so many interesting things happened there! The cute-little-me.. X) haha. I was graduated from that elementary school at 2004, with English as my worst grade! šŸ˜€
I continued my middle-high at SMPN 1 OKU, which is the best middle-high in town. And these three years are my victorious years ever! haha. it was like i had the world in my hands; i had great friends, great achievements, outstanding academic history i can say. Plus good lovestory.. hehe *i don’t know the right term for it*

At 2007, i had to move out to Solo; to continue my study at SMAN 3 Solo. This moving out thing, is the hardest thing i’ve ever gone through in my life so far. The last year of my middle-high was the very peak moments; when i had the world in my hands. And guess what? After graduation i left that lovely small town, with my world shattering into pieces.
I had to leave my great friends, beloved best friends, my lovely house, neighborhood, teachers, and TPA šŸ˜„
I left with nothing but memories, i had to start off a new life from the very beginning! Just imagine, you were on top of a roller coaster, then you went down —you fell — at the very next moment. Well, maybe it doesn’t sound hard for you. But it was hard for me, It took time, really some time, for me to accept that i was no longer in that town..

Thank God, i have a great friend, best friend here in Solo, who helped me to get through those hard times. Her name is Della. We were at the same class in Aksel SMAN 3 Solo and now she’s studying Architecture in UNS. We have lot of things in common. Like taste of music, movies, some food, and we both had spent some years in Sumatera. I feel grateful that i have her still, that we have this bond, a strong one! haha.

I’m not saying that you guys in Psychology UNS are not great.. Of course you are! You guys help me learn many things; about life, college-life, and teamwork. And many others that i can’t mention :’)
How can i be ungrateful having you guys with me? I have a ‘mother’, ‘grandmother’, sister, (lita!) twin (do we really look alike, tis?), nameless-gang mate (are we mobsters ki? haha), mbak pohon, my big bro (still longing to hear your story, man!), and my friends of psy ’09; hopefully we’ll be more united from time to time..

Haha alhamdulillah, hard times are over; now happy days are here again! now i’m ready. i believe that i am sturdy inside, and i will sparkle on the outside. i believe that “sturdy inside, sparkle outside” is not just words of the year; it is something that we’re gonna bring into reality šŸ˜€

We’re gonna sing out burdens, sorrows, sadness, and troubles together, so it will feel lighter and became easier to overcome. And we’re gonna sing along our joys, happiness, togetherness, and wonderful moments, so it will feel greater and lie in our memories forever. Life is about choices; life is an adventure. But it won’t be a worth-having one if we go through it alone. So i choose to live this adventure — life — along with you guys, my great friends. Hand in hand, we’re gonna paint a perfect picture; create beautiful melodies that will bring smiles into our faces, now and forever more šŸ˜‰

Well, i told you i wanted to make it short. But unfortunately i can’t. ahaha. That’s what happens when words are flowing from my head to my pen šŸ˜€

Before this story really ends, i want to share my favorite quotes, like:
“In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate” — Isaac Asimov

“we are gonna paint a perfect picture; create beautiful melodies that will bring smiles into our faces, now and forever more ;)”
gambar yang sempurna tidak selalu terbentuk dari pewarna/tinta mahal, mewah, atau berkualitas sangat baik. Kadang malah terbentuk dari warna yang gelap atau tinta-tinta yang sederhana.. tapi pelukisnya luar biasa.. memadukannya.. dan mensyukuri hasilnya..

Selamat datang asa! šŸ™‚
dalam Harmoni akan banyak kejutan.. seperti kehidupanmu. banyak yang tak terduga.. peristiwa acak yang sepertinya tak punya hubungan dan tak bermakna..
susunlah, hingga jadi melodi yang indah..
be U! be FRESH! jadilah penyegar šŸ˜€ jadilah motivator! *senyum kamu tuh manis.. jadi jangan seirng-sering manyun a.k.a. cemberut ya šŸ˜‰ *
Luruskan niat! Semangat menebar kebaikan ^_^
FYI: kamu manis sekali dengan rokmu, dik šŸ™‚


— mentari pagi —

and this was what my team division wrote in reply of my writing. it is really something to remember, i guess. thank you, mentari pagi a.k.a. kristalviolet :))


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