life, and letting go..

people. they tend to be hard when it comes to letting go. when you ask them, they’ll say “of course i won’t let go. it’s my ‘achievement’. after years of struggling, you ask me to just let it go? are you nuts?” or “you don’t know how bad i want this; you don’t know how hard i tried. i want to embrace what i have now, and enjoying the result of my efforts” or maybe things similar to those. yes, they do feel that way, they do say that; at least to themselves.

but here’s the thing. the tighter you grip, the possibility of it slipping through your fingers grows bigger. the tighter you grip, the easier it slips through your finger..
sounds cliche, huh? it may does, but it’s true anyway. dare to give it a try?

“life is an art, a fine mingling of holding on and letting go”
what has been started will come to an end. things — and of course, people — come and go; always. whether it’s something you adore or you dislike, when it’s time, they will go. some even permanently gone.

this is what (most) people find it hard to deal with. hard to accept the fact that every beginning has an ending. reasons? let’s see. greed? maybe.. or comfort? if one already feels comfortable in certain state or situation, there may come fear of change.

it’s just hard to let go. i think it is very human to experience such a feeling. yet we have to go through series of ‘test’ and learning, to be able to embrace sincerity. the ability is earned, not given.

take some time to contemplate. life is like a coin that has two sides. there are two sides of everything, indeed. good and bad, happy and sad, up and down, left and right, black and white, yin and yang. so it does make sense if when there’s a beginning, there is an ending. come and go. you hold and you let go..

balance. that’s the point! life teaches us about balance; that there are two sides of everything. that in living, we have to experience both. that it takes the two of them for the world to keep running.

well, actually what this life is trying to do, is reminding us that basically we own nothing. everything just passes us by; everything always comes and goes. everything, literally. our people — those we call ‘my family’, ‘my friends’, ‘my colleagues’, ‘my opponents’, ‘my love’ and so on — are just  people whose paths crossed with ours. same thing when it comes to our property and other things we call ours; including chances we encounter everyday. all of those are given to us, by Supreme Power (to them who believe), as privileges, facilities accompanying our lives. we need to remember that those all can be taken back by HIM at any moments HE desires. only HE knows when, and why. it’s not our part to think about which, why, or when HE will take back what we ‘have’. our job is to use what we have been given in the best way; and be grateful that we are lucky enough to be given all of those.

i know, it is easier said than done. but as long as we are willing to try, applying this won’t be so far from our reach. the will comes from the heart; only with the use of the heart can we understand what we read, what we listen, and what we see. therefore we need to keep an open heart to embrace messages HE sent us through the nature and the people around. because only HE can enlighten, move the heart of each and every single person in this whole world.

everything comes, everything goes. those what we have are going to be those we lose, when it’s time. only with the heart can we learn lesson beyond every lost, behind each moment we have been through. whether or not we are able to do so, it is our call. 🙂


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