Tuesday, September 4th

they got into a fight — it’s arguing to be precise.

so many tensions filling up their atmosphere.
on his face, on her face, in the air.

tensions on her face bursted into tears. finally.

apart they go. choosing ways separately;
carrying resentful thoughts in mind.

physical or ‘psychological’.
“even lovers need a holiday, far away from each other”

it brought them back together;
led them to the path they once crossed.
to that one thing they shared and mattered the most.
it’s love.


PS: Tuesday’s drama i witnessed. so in the end they were fine as before they argued. love is not just about the good and romance, i heard. it has its own toss and turn, twist and burn; that make it special and dear to the heart of the two involved.
oh yes, it was on Tuesday, September 4th 2012. Thanks to my internship mentor and her boyfriend, for inspiring this piece.


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