happy birthday dear :’)

May 7th was the birthday of the first best friend i’ve ever had. it’s her 20th this year. since we don’t live in the same town, writing her a letter was the idea that came to my mind. it’s a pretty emotional one, actually. maybe it came from the bottom of my heart; a special piece for the special one :’)
here it is:

halo ce, apa kabar? selamat tanggal 7 Mei! hopefully all those prayers flowing for you up to now are granted; only the good ones though 😉

these 20 years of yours are spent in tears, fears, yet joyful and blissful moments. countless life lessons learned all through the years.. i hope every single one of them do you much good, help you find yourself, your passion, (and the love of your life of course), and happiness!

friends, boyfriends, people, they come and go all the way. but the true ones are those who remain close to your heart. survival of the fittest, eh? 😉
no matter who they are, what they do, how long they stay in our lives, they leave certain mark in our history. even the evil ones do.
what matters is how we choose to see those marks, give them meaning, and learn from them. and make even more beautiful history out of them.

i believe that you are strong, stronger than i know, stronger than you thought, strong enough to come this far and achieve so many :))

i believe, it’s the gentle heart of yours that draws people in; lets them shower you with their love; shows the beauty you have inside..

and i shall never forget that pretty smile, or how comforting just to be in each others’ company, or how strong the bond that ties us.
the bond that makes these 20 years went fast and unnoticed. it’ll stay, in each heart of ours; for however long we want. i choose forever, do you?

aaaah what am i talking about really? haha i guess i just miss my best-est friend ever; and how i wish i was there by her side in this very special day she’s having.

lots of love for those who are loving; and i bet you’re one of them. choose happiness dear, be true to yourself; always.
you only live once, so make the best of it. write a great history of your life! have a blast dear, salam buat Richie. welcome to 20 y.o. :))

PS: this is really an emotional letter; the first one i wrote in tears :’)
happy birthday, Dika Permata Sari Saleh. see you soon, hopefully :))

ahh so that’s it! the letter i wrote for my very own best friend, who has been a friend of mine since we were in kindergarten school. quite a while ago, huh? well, true friendships are evergreen i guess :’)

dika (left) and asa (right) :)

dika (left) and asa (right) 🙂


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