clear night sky. bright moonlight. Monday.


perfect, it’s how it ought to be.
perfect, beautiful as it is.
perfect, the way it should be.

but it’s not.
it is incomplete.
there has to be something to fill the void;
that empty space emerged when you left.
that area so vacant, where nothing fits.
nothing, but you.

all the way the eyes go searching;
back and forth those footsteps mingling;
both hands unsteadily reaching;
while the mind notes a question lingering;
will the absence of your smile give me something to hold on to — something, anything?

sooner or later, on these very own two feet i shall stand;
with the hope of a light at hand.
and you?

watch the cloud cast away your fears;
see the stars wipe those streaming tears;
feel the breeze whispers in your ears;
it’s faith that you need, before the strength appears.
just dig deeper,
it’s already inside, my dear.

November 27th, 2012.


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