God has His own way to please us..

“God has His own way to please us; sometimes they come in disguise. it depends on us, whether or not to see it through..”  — June 24th

few months ago i thought of that line above, and i really find that it’s true. God has mysterious ways to please us, sometimes they come at the most unexpected — or unpredictable times. say that it was a reward for us, a quality time we could spend. and we really did.

well, i am grateful that we finally have some time to spare. some time to be spent on having talks, just about anything. every single thing that popped up into our minds at the moment. childhood, lifetime experiences, likes and dislikes, family, anything. though it may seem less important, it actually is meaningful.

it’s not always those big things that matter; it’s those little things, the simple ones that matter — that count — the most. yes, little things that people mostly take for granted. like the fact that you remember how you first met one of my high school friend (which was years ago), the way you told your friend that i don’t like spicy food, or the way i used to strike you with series of questions about your day. i bet, it’s those little things that you’re definitely gonna miss!

we all need someone to talk to. someone to share our stories;our worries, our pain, our burden, our sadness, our problems.. even if by telling them may not always provide us solution, but it can bring us relief instead. they say:

“share your happiness and double them.
share your sadness and halve them.”

it’s always nice to have someone that you can count on. someone to be there for you; lending you their ears or even their shoulders. exactly, shoulder to cry on. haha.

do you realize what important element in this situation? trust. have you ever felt that you wanted to count on someone, but you just couldn’t? we need to trust that person, to make them the “countable” one. it won’t work without any trust; at least from your side.
when you have that trusted one to count on, they can be the first thing appears in your mind when you need a helping hand; or a moment to release the tensions.

and it happens. well, it did. i trust you, i know i can count on you. and i admit, you were the first one i want to run to when i was weary. no, to be honest, i want to come to you, blabbering about my day or anything every time i feel like it. but it’s not that easy, i must consider this and that to meet perfect timing ._.

haha anyway, it’s been such a journey. good and bad, happy and sad, near or far, laughter or tears, what a story! each and every moment spent together does count. they worth some space in your precious memory, don’t you think?


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